Preliminary Evaluation (Click Here to Submit Form)
The first step in the certification process is a preliminary evaluation to determine IAF scope within which the client's operations fall for QSI's Certification Program. This step also ensures that the appropriate audit resources will be assigned.

QSI will issue a quotation based on the information obtained via the preliminary evaluation. The quote will detail each step of the certification process. For initial Certification 2 stage audit is carried out. .

Application/ Contract:
Upon accepting the quotation, the client submits to QSI an application for certification. This document and related amendments will serve as a contract for services to be rendered. The contract period is 3 years for single site certifications and 3-5 years for corporate certifications.

Depending on the standard, this may be an optional activity, carried out towards the end of the implementation process. The client may request a pre-audit of the management system. The pre-audit allows the QSI audit team the opportunity to familiarize itself with the client's operations and to provide feedback that may minimize the risk of major non-conformities during the certification audit. Result is Pre Audit are not considered for certification audit

Assignment of Auditors:
Upon endorsing the contract, QSI will assign a Lead Auditor and a technical expert, as may be required for the client's specific industrial sector. QSI (India) assigns auditors based on better than IAF code or Nace 3 digit codes specific to IAF code # 23, #35,#39 for NABCB accredited certificates.

Manual / Document Review:
Prior to 1st stage certification audit the client will provide QSI a controlled copy of its management system manual (or equivalent documentation) along with its primary procedures. These documents will be reviewed and feedback will be provided to the client prior to the certification audit. Such review and onsite visit would be dealt as 1st stage audit for new / certification clients.

Certification Audit:
The certification audit ( 2nd stage audit) is conducted by QSI America/QSI India approved auditors for approved audit man-days. At its conclusion depending on the results of the audit, the Lead Auditor recommends to the QSI Certification Board that the site(s) be certified under the applicable standard. The audit team may request corrective action, which must be verified prior to making a certification recommendation.

Once the certification board makes a favorable decision, QSI would proceed to include the site (s) in a list of Certified Companies.

Surveillance Audits:
At least once per year, QSI would assess the site for ongoing compliance with the applicable standard.
Client status is suspended , if surveillance audit is not completed within 12 months period from last audit.



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