"After achieving ISO 9000 Certifications from QSI our outgoing quality level       improved from 95 % to 99 % in less than six (6) months. Our customer       complaints are now less than of what were prior to Certification".

-Carlos Echevarria, Vice President of Operations. Marino Technologies, Inc. Opa Locka, Florida.

"During the ISO 9000 evaluation of our system, the QSI Auditors were very      professional and courteous. The thoroughness and level of detail assessment      has really helped us improve our system.

-Carlos Lubranc Vice President of Operations. Cartonajes Hernandez, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

"The training that QSI offered was very down to earth and oriented to the      students level of understanding.

-Corporate Quality Manager- Osram Sylvania.

"We have been very happy with the work of QSI. They have been very helpful      and the knowledge gained thus allowed us to implement our system with      excellent results"

-George Merthzal- Business Development Director


"We find that the auditing done by the Auditors has given us a moral boost and        vision to keep continuity in up keeping the achievements under this        programme."

-Rajesh Kabra, Director, Kraftorium, Jodhpur

"A very clear, efficient audit with insightful comments that will help us in        further improving our systems and standards."

-Pritam Singh, Jt. Managing Director, Registhan (P) Ltd., Jaipur

 "Auditing team was highly qualified. Auditing was done in a cordial       atmosphere. Will lead to organizational improvement."

-Apurv Kumar, Exec. Director, Krafttorium, Jodhpur.

 "Audit team was capable of objective audit; they were knowledgeable as well      as systematic in their approach."

-M/s. KP Automotives

 "Unambiguous, clear, excellent understanding, communicative & excellent       cooperation"

-B. C. Jain, Bhandari Hospital & Res. Centre

 "Audit was completed in a professional manner looking at the technical and       functional aspects of the system. Auditors were knowledgeable"

-R.C. Bhama, Br. Manager, Inox Air Products, Mumbai

 "The experience & technical competence of the audit team was very helpful in       identifying areas for further improvement of QMS at Wagon care centre, TKD       so as to achieve still higher levels of customer satisfaction."

-S.C. Chaudhury, Sr. Divl Mech. Eng. (Frieght) Northern Railways, N. Delhi

 "To interact with the esteemed learned people of Audit team has been a very       good learning experience, very much educative and through. We never       imagined the probable outcome and such exposure can be great importance       for the overall effective management of our work."

-Sanjay Palaria CEO, Nisha Enterprises

 "Real professional expert team-very practical"

-Anil Malik, Exec. Director, Kaya Kalp Herbals

 "The Audit Team took every pains to find the scope of improvement in our      system. The audit has been a value added process for our organization."

-Ajit Lakra, M.D., Super Fine Knitters Ltd.

 "Lead Auditor is very much clear about the audit plan. He is very much      cooperative & create good environment before audit."

-Nanda Kumar Kadloor, President, ASIL Industries Ltd.

 "The audit team could cover almost all the areas of the Diesel loco shed and       shared their valuable experience for furthering the Quality Management       System."

-V. Ramachandran, Sr. DME, Diesel Loco Shed, Erode

 "Auditors were very conscious, observations were good and informative and      for continual improvement."

-Major Gen. M.M. Singh, Chief Adm., Santokba Durlabhji Memorial Hospital Cum Medical Research Institute, Jaipur

 "I would vote the Lead Auditor as best among the audits I faced through other      Registrars.."

-S. Ranganathan, General Manager, Autolite India Ltd., Jaipur

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