ISO 4427  Polyethylene (PE) Pipes for Water Supply Specifications

This     International standard  specifies the  required  properties of  pipes made from polyethylene (PE)  to be used for   underground  water mains and services  and for water supply above ground  both  inside  and outside  buildings.   In addition,  it  specifies some  general  properties of  the   material from   which  these  pipes are made,  including  a classification  scheme.

This  International Standard  applies  to pipes  with  a nominal  pressure  of  PN 3,2, PN 4, PN 6, PN 8, PN 10, PN 12, 5 and PN 16,  and nominal  outside diameters  from  16 to 1600  (see ISO 161 –1), intended  to be  used  for the  conveyance of water under  pressure  at  temperatures  between  0oC and  40oC  for  general  purposes, as well as for the supply  of  drinking  water.

If  PE pipes  are used  above ground, they   should    preferably  be  physically protected against  UV  light  in accordance  with   recommended  practice.

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